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Product Review Update: Costco Protein Bars

This past weekend in ran to Costco to pickup a box of my beloved protein bars and re-stock the stash. I wandered the isles not seeing them and started having a mild panic attack. Where did they go? Did they stop carrying them…nooo! Just then, I spotted a pallet full of Kirkland Signature protein bars in a shiny new packaging design. Phew! But wait…did they change anything? Are they still low carb? Do they taste they same? Well, a quick look at the box and nutrition facts and all looks well.

I’m happy to report that the only change seems to be the packaging. Also, this may or may not be true, but I feel like this new version of the protein bars are slightly softer. This may be due to freshness, but it is worth mentioning. All I know is that they still deliver the same great taste and keep my on-the-run breakfasts keto friendly. See my first review of the protein bars for more information.

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